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Devils Loss a Sign of Their True Weakness?

[For InsideHockey.com]

Adam Henrique (c) 2014 Michelle Kenneth

Adam Henrique (c) 2014 Michelle Kenneth

The Devils loss to Detroit on Monday, followed by their loss to Montreal on Wednesday, may have exposed a certain weakness.  With the Devils officially at the halfway mark, winning 20 of their 41 games or 49% of their games this season, they seem to be on par with most of the teams in the league. Winning half the games by the midway point is much better than what was expected of them this season.  They were predicted to end the season dead last in the league.

If the Devils stay the course, they won’t get past that 50% win record and that is a bad thing.

For the teams doing ‘just okay’ right now, they’re at that 50% win mark, just like the Devils.  In order to secure a playoff spot and have the potential for success… [More After the Jump]


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