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St. Louis Blues Test the New Devils

Mike Cammalleri

Mike Cammalleri

The New Jersey Devils have started this season with a huge question mark on it. No one knows what to expect of the club after their fearless leader of 28 years, Lou Lamoriello, decided to head north to the Toronto Maple Leafs, leaving the club in the hands of Ray Shero. Not long afterward, the Devils not only hired a first-time NHL coach, but they also hired the youngest coach in the league when they hired John Hynes.

With all of this uncertainty, it was easier for many hockey writers and fans to just dismiss the Devils as a team going through a rebuild year. They were not even worth looking at or considering as a Stanley Cup contender when predictions were announced at the beginning of the season. No one can explain just what exactly the new Devils are yet. A team in transition? Yes. A team with uncertainty? Yes. A team you can bank on? That remains to be seen.

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