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Devils Losing Momentum

Adam Henrique (c) 2014 Michelle Kenneth

Adam Henrique (c) 2014 Michelle Kenneth

Inside Hockey has finally gone live with our new rebranded site.  Some of the improvements include more qualitative photos from our photographers and more qualitative pieces from the writers.

With that, I’m finally able to post my first column of the season at IH.  Here is an excerpt.  To read more, click on the link below.

Devils Losing Momentum

Things are not going as planned for the New Jersey Devils this season.  Their ongoing motto during training camp was to win as many games as they can at the start of the season so that they won’t be playing catch-up in the latter half of the season.  Those early season points can make all of the difference in the end.

Everything was going well through preseason.  They looked tough and difficult to beat with their 4-1-1 record.  As they started the regular season on the road, they finished off their road trip 3-1.  But the second they got home, they went 0-for-2 for a total combined record of 3-1-2.

In Tuesday night’s overtime loss, the game displayed both their strengths and weaknesses.  Their strength was in their power play, scoring all three goals on the power play in the 3-4 (OT) loss to the New York Rangers.  Their weakness was in their penalty kill.  Two of the three regulation goals from the Rangers were on their power play.

The Rangers definitely exposed the Devils’ major weakness.  Just who exactly did the Rangers expose?  Andy Greene, Adam Henrique, Bryce Salvador and Patrik Elias.  Their final line of defense was Cory Schneider.  All four skaters were on the ice both times when the Rangers capitalized on the man advantage.



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