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Hockey Fashion For the Ladies: Forever 21 CANADA

Thanks to Karen Guerrero (@KIGGZ21) for putting me on this path!  She tweeted a picture of the Forever 21 collection in Burnaby, BC.  Guess what?  May be all Canadian teams, but they have a larger NHL selection for sale.  Of course, I had to find out if people in the States could order online through the Canadian site.  The answer?  NO.

But rest assured, if you must own some Canadian hockey merchandise, there are ways.

You can get a Canadian address through this company and they will forward all of your Canadian packages to your home address (in US and other international addresses) for a fee (all rates are posted on their site).  If you get free shipping on most of your Canadian orders, all you would be paying for is the forwarding service.  They have a variety of arrangements that you can set up and then you can start shopping.  {FYI, there are also US to Canada services as well if you shop at US sites that won’t ship to Canada.}

What’s cool about Forever 21 Canada?  They devoted an entire page to their NHL collection.  Check out a few of these items not available on the US site…


Calgary Flames Dress, $21.90 CAD. {Also available in Montreal Canadiens}FCA2 Toronto Maple Leafs Tank, $17.90 CAD.FCA3 Montreal Canadiens V-Neck Tee, $17.90 CAD.FCA4Edmonton Oilers Raglan Tee, $18.90 CAD.FCA5 Toronto Maple Leafs Sweatshirt, $27.90 CAD. {Also available in Montreal Canadiens}FCA6

Toronto Maple Leafs L/S tee, $17.90 CAD.

Nice, huh? I love the dress!  That is definitely my favorite of all of the items available in the Forever 21 NHL collection.  I definitely love the selection and designs they made available in this collection.  It is far better than what Americans were offered.  Sucks though that they only got Canadian teams and nothing south of the border.

If you see something, say something. If you find hockey fashion for the ladies out there (good or bad), tweet me (@MichelleKenneth) and we’ll get the Fashion PSA out!


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