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David Clarkson: Nominee for NHL’s Best/Worst Dressed 2014

There’s been an ongoing joke for WORST DRESSED David Clarkson for years now.  It was a joke that never stopped between myself, David Clarkson and Martin Brodeur.  Why, Brodeur?  Because Marty was the one who put Clarkson on the WORST DRESSED list a few years ago.

He didn’t stop with just putting him on MK’s Hockey & Musings Worst Dressed List…he put him on the New Jersey Devils’ worst dressed list in 2011.

I was up in the press box when that video aired on the jumbotron.  When I heard what Brodeur said, I laughed so hard, because it was a guarantee that Clarkson had no idea what Marty had done [and I was right].

Kevin Weekes told me later that Clarkson hated that we poked fun of him and his clothes.

So…what do you think Marty and I had to say about THIS?

David Clarkson for Men's Fashion Canada

David Clarkson for Men’s Fashion Canada

Well…IF Clarkson makes the Best/Worst Dressed list for 2014, you’ll find out.

Then again, after all of these years of making fun of him, do you think he wised up and learned a thing or two about fashion like Jeremy Roenick did after he made the worst dressed list?

You’ll find out after the Awards.  And Clarky…if you want revenge, you best get a hold of me before the list materializes.


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