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The Troll Sends a Fraudulent Legal Letter

For those who’ve been following this case on Marketa Barborikova, I’d thought I would share with you some recent developments. [Original Post: Open Letter About a Troll]

My editor received the below letter:

marketa-lawyer-letter-pg1 (1) marketa-lawyer-letter-pg2 (1)

First and foremost, what I’m about to write is an informational guide for other victims of Marketa.  This is so you’ll understand that this is a fraudulent legal letter.  In my previous post, I mentioned that she sent out fraudulent legal letters.  This is an example of one of her criminal means to bully.  This will also give you a closer look into her insanity.

After you’ve read the craziness in her letter, I want you to look at a few things (beyond the content…that part is not important).

1. The law firm letterhead is not a normal letterhead.  If you go to the firm’s website, you can see that she had stolen the logo off of the site and pasted it onto this document.

2.  The name of the attorney.  Typically, Marketa makes up an attorney name.  In this case, this attorney does not work for the firm Morris & Getzels.

3.  Notice that there is no contact information whatsoever on how I can contact the attorney to have my attorney discuss this matter with them.  ALL law firms will have an address and phone number located on their letterhead.  Actually, all businesses do when it comes to legal matters.

4.  Is it just me or does this read like Marketa’s broken English?

5.  This is not how a real legal letter looks.  It is also not how a letter is written or structured.

6.  A Cease & Desist Agreement does not look like this, especially in the United States or any European country.

7.  Attorneys don’t write crap like this.

I had an attorney look this over and the first thing he said was that it was obvious it was written by an insane person and not an attorney.  He immediately pointed out that the logo appeared to be cut and pasted into the document.  The formatting alone said it was not a legal letter.  It was purely a cut and paste job (poorly done).  Law firms do not send letters that shoddily put together.

He laughed at her demands and informed me that they are not demands that can legally be demanded anywhere in this world.  First of all, demanding someone delete their Twitter?  That’s not a legal recourse that can be demanded.  Leave the NHL and all sports?  Not something that can be requested.  Any lawyer would have advised their client of that up front.  This letter has no real legal basis.

Basically, it is apparent from the start that this letter was written by an insane person.  That is something the lawyer pointed out again and again.

There’s also the simple fact that this jumbled mess is made up (classic example of her mythomania).  She has the truth mixed in with the lies.  If she were to attempt to sue me, all I have to do is present this letter to the court as proof that her claim should be thrown out because she is a liar and a fraud.  How can I prove that?  Because I contacted the law firm this letter was supposedly from.  According to the attorney there at the firm, he had absolutely nothing to do with this.  He also did not write the letter.  This is also not his firm’s letterhead.  She had apparently stolen the logo from his website.  I’m sure he would be happy to testify to these statements.  I have it all in writing already.

Because of the criminal acts of impersonating an attorney, sending a fraudulent legal letter, and using this firm as a means to abate in this criminal act, that firm is contacting the California State Bar to report Marketa Barborikova for this fraud.  I gave them all the relevant information to assist in the criminal charges they will be bringing against Marketa Barborikova.

Also, because she has attempted to use illegal means to threaten me, including this fraudulent legal letter, I filed a police report in London.


What has led to this fraudulent letter?  Twitter suspended her account @FashionEntre after she made what Twitter has termed as “violent threats” to me.  She immediately started tweeting me, Arthur Landon and Leslie Coutterand with a threat of revenge on the account @nhlblonde.  Twitter responded by suspending that account too.

[Of note, Twitter is a third party with no interest in this matter.  They viewed the report and deemed that this person was making violent threats towards me and others.  That is why they suspended her account.  HER ACCOUNT was suspended, not ours.  They notified me that they are willing to work with the authorities on this matter.  I also did not report her for ‘violent threats.’  That was not the initial report from me.  Twitter told me afterward that Marketa had been making violent threats towards me and others and that is why they decided to suspend the accounts.]

She then emailed me, pretending to be Alistair Gilmour from her company “Communicat Consulting” [a company not registered to do business in the United Kingdom] to inform me she had started a ‘lawsuit’ with all of her regular mumble jumble.  Funny that Alistair’s English is the same as Marketa’s broken English.


Twitter eventually gave her back her accounts (as long as she stopped threatening me and others…that didn’t last long).  My editor received the above letter yesterday.  I contacted the law firm in the letter, spoke to an attorney in New York and was advised of my legal rights as well as the illegal crimes that were committed by Marketa by sending this letter and the next legal action I was allowed to take.

Reporting this to the law firm she used in the above letterhead was the first step.  They will take care of the crimes she committed in the State of California (because the law firm is based in California).  I filed a police report in London and they will seek to apprehend her and charge her.  It is after they have done this, the other victims will be able to also add their complaints against her.

The UK has this little ‘antisocial’ law that Marketa fits perfectly under.  This law is not designed to imprison, unless need be.  It will give law enforcement access to using mental health facilities, if they find that is what is needed.  In other words, this is about getting the help she needs, but I’ll leave that for the police to decide.

If you are a victim of Marketa’s (aka Marketa Linden, aka HRH Marketa BLW, aka Marketa Barborikova Linden Windsor), please contact me at msmichellekenneth@yahoo.com or leave a comment here.  The comments are moderated, so it will not be published for your own protection.


NOTE:  As a matter of interest, I considered whiting out the address, but then realized that if she actually sent the letter to that address, that poor person is going to think…WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?  So, I’m hoping that person will stumble upon this post.  I don’t know who Michelle Hatcher is, because she is definitely not me.  I also do not live at that address.

I also tried to run that address so I could contact the person just in case they got the letter.  I wanted to make sure they knew it wasn’t really for them and that Marketa had apparently mistaken her for me.  Then I discovered…that address doesn’t even exist.


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