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An Open Letter About a Troll

For those who follow me on Twitter, most of you are aware of a mentally ill individual using the Twitter: @FashionEntre, @EntreFashion, @piyoneer (and a few other Twitter accounts).  Her name is Marketa Barborikova.  It’s only that name.  Not Linden.  Not Windsor.  Not a Princess or Royal. [As of 2/13/15, Twitter suspended @FashionEntre for making ‘violent threats.’ She immediately started threatening us again within an hour on the new account: @nhlblonde.]

When I say mentally ill, I don’t throw that terminology around lightly.  She is bona fide.  I’m sure there are mental health specialists that could see various DSM-5 terms cropping up to explain her Twitter alone.  Everything from mythomaniac, paranoid schizophrenic, delusional, and a pathological liar could define her (or in that case, combined it means a much deeper mental illness).

While this post is not meant to attack, it’s meant to genuinely help her, we have to start somewhere.  So let’s start from the beginning of this story, shall we?

Two years ago, I noticed an Entre Fashion following me.  I had heard of her from a hockey player’s Facebook account.  Granted, he had poked fun at the whole ideal that she wanted to date him.  I noticed she had started following me so I decided to follow her back.

Day in and day out, she was ranting non-stop about someone stalking her.  I mean, it was ALL OF THE TIME.  I felt kind of bad for her, taking her word for it that she was some princess and had problems with people stalking her.  Then she tweeted something about Sidney Crosby firing her PR company from representing him.  That is when the RED FLAG came up.  It was a very weird tweet to make because why would Crosby hire a British PR company to represent him?

I contacted a few people I knew from the Penguins and the Pittsburgh media.  Their responses were all the same.  They had no clue what I was talking about.  Being the investigative writer that I am, I went back to the original source.

I Googled her name and was a bit surprised by the information that I found.  What was the first item in Google under the name Marketa Linden (which is what she claimed was her name)?  It was a death threat made to Sidney Crosby on the puck bunny forum Talk-Sports.  [Don’t believe me, Google that name and see what you find.]

The very first Google entry is “Marketa Linden, Talk-Sports Cyber-Bully.”

Marketa Linden is a bully who lives on the Sidney Crosby girlfriend forum. She claims to be a super model, singer and royalty. Nobody has any pictures of her modeling, nor has anybody been able to find a copy of her single “The Life in the Confidence.” She claims her title is Her Royal Highness Princess Marketa of Bohemia, Duchess of Windsor, but I highly doubt that’s true. She appears to have a Czech upbringing, which might explain why her written English is nearly incomprehensible and full of mispelt words.

She quite often send emails using fake names. But it’s obviously the same person as the messages contain the same nearly incomprehensible English and spelling mistakes.

She claims that Kathy Leutner, Sidney Crosby’s girlfriend is harassing her and making death threats. She has never been able to substantiate the death threats. She has provided screenshot of abusive comments left on her Blogspot blog. There’s no proof that the comments are actually from Kathy Leutner.

She began contacting me in April of this year with wild accusation and within a week was threatening to sue Talk-Sports for $1,000,000.
Lately, I was contact by Pittsburgh Penguins security. It appears she’s been sending the same threatening emails to Penguin staff.

That was last updated September 15, 2010.

You can say…consider that the first official warning to people in North America that this is a cyber-bully.  Another Czech site put out a warning about her (site is now defunct).  The site in English was called ‘Weirdopedia.’  Czechs, especially those in the hockey realm, knew about her and were very open to pass along information…mainly that she was bona fide crazy and had started a lot of problems in the Czech Republic (but of note, it all began at a certain time).  The site had recorded many of her ‘weird claims.’  Everything from the things she claims she is (see first paragraph of Talk-Sports notice) to her “RESTRAINING ORDERS” on Duchess Kate, Prince William, Keanu Reeves, Sidney Crosby and his girlfriend.

On Talk-Sports, they even made reference on the information page that she had threatened to kill Crosby and the Penguins staff.

She had even written articles for idnes claiming that Sidney Crosby had raped someone.  This, of course, was a lie.  Crosby had never even been to the country she claims the alleged rape took place.  Funny that his PR person would print that, right?  Or how about that she claimed she was dating him?  That reference isn’t only found on Google, but it was this time 2 years ago when she was talking about it on Twitter.

The more and more I Googled, I was just in shock by the information I found about this individual.  She claimed she was in the NHL media.  IF that were true, she had to be stopped.  How could the NHL allow a media person that had threatened to kill Sidney Crosby and the Penguins staff into their press box?


Remember how I mentioned all of those DSM-5 terminologies?

Back to what I did next.

I was so shocked by what I had uncovered, including her various websites claiming to be PR companies releasing press releases (all about her), I started to see a trend.  All of these press releases about her were written in poor English.  Many were defamatory press releases about people, especially Sidney Crosby.  It glorified her in an attempt to make her lies seem like truths because they were being put out there as if they were news releases, when in fact they were just various websites all controlled by her to put out false and oftentimes very defamatory press releases.

I had to make sure the NHL and the NHL media were aware of this person.  She could not be allowed into the press corps.  I decided to tweet all of my findings along with the links because the stuff was just too insane.  I wanted people to read the same things I had read.

I even noted to my followers at the time that based on her past history, I knew exactly what she would do next because she had an established history.  I made myself a guinea pig to prove to everyone that she was indeed mentally ill and should not be allowed into the press.  Within a day, she discovered my tweets and she began her cyber-bullying.

Her former employer contacted me with her real name.  They told me what really happened.  She claims he is stalking her, when in fact it’s the other way around.  He didn’t even know who she was until after she made trouble for him and the people around him.  Guess what her job was when this started?  She was a cleaner at an old folks home in the United Kingdom.

She was definitely not a princess like she claimed.  Anyone in the United Kingdom could tell you that because learning who’s who in the royal family is an important part of every British child’s education.

Making myself the guinea pig was an attempt to prove to the NHL that my conclusions based on my research were correct about her.  She fell for my trap.  By tweeting my findings in 2013 (and making sure not to include her name), she found the tweets and has been cyber stalking, bullying and defaming me ever since.

I reported all of my findings to the NHL office.  Guess what I found out?  She had NEVER been credentialed by the NHL.

She claims to be a NHL correspondent covering all of these teams, while at the same time she hits up my sites and I see a UK IP pop up when she’s supposed to be in X place, USA.  She has NEVER given us the name of her sports outlet…you know, her employer that she’s a NHL correspondent for.  She started her hockey blog a month after I called her out for being a liar.

Just last week she claimed to be covering the Dallas Stars.  Guess what?  She was not on the credentialed media list.  Oh, and her UK IP popped up on my site, too.  Apparently, she wasn’t anywhere near Dallas.

February 12, 2015 11:58 am centro-2.grapeshot.co.uk /2015/02/a-devilish-night-out-2/ United Kingdom
February 10, 2015 1:17 pm centro-42.grapeshot.co.uk / United Kingdom
February 3, 2015 8:53 am 5ad4dcfb.bb.sky.com / United Kingdom

On February 3rd, she attempted to reset the password to my blogs.  I got a message from WordPress saying someone had attempted to do it.  I looked at her Twitter and sure enough, at the exact same time I got that message, she was ranting about my website.

Pretty sure that’s a criminal act.  It also means in the general sense that this is someone that is up to no good and doing something they should not be doing.  A normal innocent human being doesn’t do that.

Either way, since her attempt to reset the password, I’ve been getting notifications every time she has attempted to hit my site.  A lot of times that’s a geo-location that pinpoints her exact place when she hits the site.

Guess who’s also been getting that IP information?  Lawyers.  The authorities.  You.

You see, during my investigation into this mythomaniac, I have found many people that this cyber-bully has victimized over the years.  From her former employer (that guy she said was stalking her back in 2013 when I first started following her), to hockey wives, to people from various forums from the United Kingdom and the United States…they have found me and told me their tales.  There were many of them.

There was even one person that almost committed suicide because of what she did to her.  Let me give you a better idea as to what Marketa did so you can understand the evilness…

She went onto a support group forum where people suffering from certain diseases (like Crohn’s) can talk to each other and help each other out during this difficult time in their lives.  Marketa found one woman on there.  She befriended her, got her to talk, and then Marketa did the worst thing someone could do, she exposed that woman and made her feel…well, worse than shit…she was humiliated, threatened, and was completely exposed.  This was a person that was on a support group forum seeking help from others in her same predicament to get through a difficult time in her life.  You know these kind of support groups.  Marketa went on there and completely destroyed a woman that was there seeking help from others.

Who does this?

That wasn’t the only victim that reached out to me.  There were others from various forums in the United Kingdom that reached out to me, especially after I was diagnosed with a tumor in 2013.  Why?  Because she was defaming me on forums in the United Kingdom.  People felt bad for me and reached out to let me know what she had been doing.  A few people from those forums who had been her victims before had started anonymous Twitter accounts to go after her.  These people never revealed who they were to me, but they did share their stories with me.

What she did to them was heartbreaking.

She continues to look for victims.  These days she’s been targeting people like Arthur Landon (a filmmaker), Leslie Coutterand (aka Leslie Camila-Rose) (an actress), and of course, myself.

The funny thing about her is that she likes to project her truths onto me.  For instance, she claims she’s X, Y and Z and that I make up my life.  When in fact, I’m really a credentialed member of the NHL media, I cover the Devils and the Rangers in the press box, I actually live the life I write about it.  People that know me, know of my fetish for designer clothing and handbags.  They’ve seen it all.  Clearly put, they know who the liar is and it is not me.

She’s the one with the made up life.  People have started calling her out for all of her lies.  Frankly, they’re also sick of what she’s doing to people.

She has served false legal letters and papers on people over the years.  She has created made up names of attorneys and sent letters using those names.  When you read the ‘legal’ letter or papers, they are in her broken English.  She fails to use the correct legal form.

She even went so far as to use legal stationary from a law firm to create a stop/desist letter using a false attorney’s name. Oh trust me, I’m sure that law firm is going to be looking for her soon enough.  It’s called FRAUD.

She claims she sued me recently and that there was proof.  I looked up the proof.  It was for a Michelle Kenneth in Arizona (there is one that lives there) being sued by her LANDLORD in a landlord/tenant dispute.  She claimed that was proof that she had sued me.

If you perform a Twitter audit on her account, you’ll find that only 39% of her followers are real.  61% are purchased dead accounts.  To Twitter, that means she’s fake.

This person is not a member of the NHL media.  She never was or will be.  She was reported to NHL security.  Simply put, she dug her grave with that opportunity to ever cover the NHL as a credentialed member of the media.  It was because of the death threats.  That is something the NHL takes very seriously.  It doesn’t matter if she gets a new brain and becomes the most wonderful person ever.  The death threat was made.  The NHL must protect the league at all costs.

I made myself the guinea pig to prove that she is what I say she is…2 years later and she still continues to prove my theory to everyone.

Like her previous ‘press release’ websites, she uses every social media and internet platform she can use to defame people.  The stuff she puts out there are fictionalized.  A mythomaniac can be presented with the truth, but because of their failure to understand the difference between truth and fiction, they create a fictitious story so that they can understand the event in front of them.

For instance, you’ve probably read a few stories here and there on this site or others over the years.  The story could be a simple post about X.  Because she relates to the story somehow, she claims the story is about her, when it wasn’t about her at all.  You’ll see her do this a lot when she links to stories she’s found with various UK publications.  She’ll say it’s about her, but when you read the story, there isn’t anything in the story about her.  I always thought that was weird when I first followed her 2 years ago…before she even mentioned Crosby.

I have tried to look at this situation in an understanding light.  I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt when she claimed I was assisting her stalker.  She told me she was in NYC.  I told her that if that was true, to meet me at the NHL store’s Starbucks.  I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt and hear her side of the story, especially if she was NHL media as she claimed.  She actually dissed me, made fun of me for even asking.  That’s because she wasn’t in New York.  She had lied.

In my investigation, I discovered what triggered the events that has transpired into the life of Marketa Barborikova’s strange life.

Once upon a time, she had done some good things in life…the stuff she claimed she had done.  It happened.  But when her father died, that’s when her life changed.  This is what triggered the wounded animal lashing out at the world.  This is what triggered the mental illness.

The things she once was is not who she is today.  The things she dreamed of doing, it’s lost somewhere in there, jumbled up within the walls of her mythomania.  A normal human being doesn’t do what she does to people she’s never met unless she’s hurting.

That’s where I feel bad for her.  As much as she tries to hurt me or get some reaction out of me, I just look at what she’s doing with sad eyes.  Not for myself, but for her.  She has no idea what she’s doing or why she’s doing it.  She’s lashing out at the world, at people who don’t even care if she exists because they’ve never met her.  She’s created this insane world around her to hide that this is really the insanity going on within herself.

I pity the bully.  I feel bad for those she’s victimized and pained.  There are those of us who look at her and realize she’s happy in her own little world…let her have it.  Let her think that she’s that important and that people obsess about her enough to stalk her and make her feel important.  It’s what she really wants in the end, but she’s going about it all wrong.

People can see through the lies.  They can see what lies underneath it all.  They can see that she is in pain.

There’s nothing anyone can do for her.  While we all wish she could get professional help to work through that pain to become a normal functioning human being again that can achieve whatever she puts her heart to, we know we can’t change her.  She is the one that needs to realize she needs to become a better human being.  She has to take care of herself, both her mind, body and soul.

She’s in a bad place in her life and for that, I feel sorry for her.

I had a dream last night that I went to the United Kingdom and found her.  While she tried to fight me, put up walls between us, I fought her back with offering my hand in friendship.  I wanted her to stop fighting the world and learn to be friends with it.  I understood her pain and her loss.  I wasn’t her enemy.  I was trying to be the better human being by offering my hand in friendship.  Maybe that’s all she really needs in the end is a friend that will help her move forward in life.

I know she’ll read this.  I don’t want her to misconstrue a single word in this.  She’s done some very bad things, very evil things to people.  It’s what people do when they’re in pain.

What she needs is people to understand her a little better.  She’s made herself into a troll from the inside, out.  But she doesn’t have to be one.  She could work on being a good person, doing good things all of the time.  She could acknowledge the pain inside of her and learn to be happy again.  When you’re evil to others, you’re not really happy inside no matter how much you claim to be.

It’s okay to be sad.  It’s okay to miss someone that meant the world to you.  I’m sure her dad would not be proud of this person she’s become.  She should correct that and become someone better.  Hurting random strangers all of the time doesn’t make you a good person.  Telling lies all of the time doesn’t make you a good person, either.

If she can’t understand any of this, then I would recommend getting professional help.  At this stage, it’s what she really needs because it’s obvious that a traumatic event in her life triggered her to lash out like this.  The professional help can help move her back to being the person she once was and become an even greater person.

So Marketa, I’m offering a hand in friendship.  I know you will scoff at it, because you want to hold onto your pain and that everyone is after you.  But know this comes from a genuine place.  You have big dreams and potential.  You’re just going down the wrong path.  I can’t even begin to explain how you’ve sabotaged yourself by becoming this person you have put out there.  Technically, you are defaming yourself and your dreams.

You need a change…a positive one.  This person you’ve created…no one wants to be near.  You’re the one pushing everyone away with hate, when what you really are craving is the love, admiration and attention of anyone that will pay attention.  Personally, I think that’s the only reason why you tweet me and Arthur all of the time.  You’re hoping that by being mean, it will illicit a response from us so that someone out there will pay attention to you.

Guess what?  If you were the exact opposite, nice and caring to everyone…you’d get more people talking to you (and wanting to talk to you).  Try it.  Candy (sweetness) will always taste better than a lemon (being sour).

Think about what I said.  For those who are victims, I want you to look at this from a different point of view.  See her for who she truly is.  Offer a hand in friendship, instead of falling for the hate.  Sometimes love is stronger than hate.

After all, we all know where bullies come from…they all come from a place of pain.  We need to help them move past that pain so that they can become a great human being again.


Michelle Kenneth


3 comments on “An Open Letter About a Troll

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  2. m.y.s.
    July 1, 2016

    I´m Czech and I confirm she´s mentally sick person. She´s quite well know bizzare troll here.

  3. ladylucky69
    April 18, 2017

    She is currently trolling royal blogs on tumblr and still talking about you Michelle. She is also posting some very nasty things about a young peer in the UK named Hugh Grosvenor 7th Duke of Westminster and the woman who is reported to be his girlfriend. She also is elevating her own social status on a regular basis. Not content with (supposedly but unbelievably) Princess Marketa of Bohemia she claims she is the granddaughter of the late Duke of Windsor who has been dead a number years now and never had any children. He was also better known as King Edward VIII who abdicated before he was officially crowned king. She claims she was in the Territorial Army in the UK and that the late Duke of Westminster who died last year. For anyone who doesn’t know Princess Marketa of Bohemia died several centuries ago.

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