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New Feature: Hockey Fashion

Have you ever seen the show B.O.R.N. to Style?  I loved that show.  I actually DVR’d the show every week (until they canceled it).

This show is the inspiration behind a new feature for this site.

Here goes…

As much as us ladies have complained about hockey fashion (and we have a very long list of complaints), how about we refocus the fashion hockey dilemma and learn to work with some of the items they try to sell to us?  Maybe one day the NHL will get a better perspective at how they need to roll out sports + women’s fashion.  Some people like the pink jerseys.  Some like the bedazzled jerseys.  Others would not be caught dead in either (*raises hand*).  But then when you see a sequined jersey like the one worn by Lucia Funaro when she sang the National Anthem at a New York Rangers game:

You start to think…HEY, I’D WEAR THAT!  [Before any of you go on a mad search for this jersey, Lucia told me that her mother found the blue sequined jersey on Ebay and then went to Cosby’s for the lettering and sewed it on.]

The thing is…this is hockey fashion that women want to wear.  In this day and age, women have to make it themselves, because the NHL doesn’t get us…yet.

So instead of rehashing the same argument again and again, let’s look at this from a different perspective.  Let’s see what we can do with one simple item they’re selling to us (that we would actually buy), and incorporate it into actual women’s fashion.

I’m going to thank the NFL for this idea [from Babble]…

Marchesa-JETS-Tshirt NFL-Cute-Football-Outfits-September-2013-Vogue-DJ-Kiss NFL-Football-Cute-Outfis

So if the NFL finally figured women’s fashion out, and the NHL hasn’t, then I guess we’re just going to have to show the NHL how it’s done.

Starting in February, this new hockey fashion feature will go live.  We’ll take a simple NHL apparel item and style it.

Before any of you start discussing sizing issues, etc., we’re looking at this from the perspective of ‘working with what we have,’ and ‘turning a bunch of lemons into lemonade.’

This is where you, the reader, come in.  If you have an apparel item you purchased (or want to purchase) but have no idea how to wear it (besides with a pair of jeans), send me a link or a picture of the item and we’ll come up with a few ways you can wear it (no matter what your size or budget).

Also, if you are in the NYC/Northern NJ area and you want to do a special one on one styling feature here, drop me a comment below or a tweet @MichelleKenneth or an email (msmichellekenneth@yahoo.com), and we’ll do a special post featuring YOU.  All shapes and sizes are welcome.

If any of you have styled your own NHL apparel item and want to share it here to help inspire others, drop me a tweet or an email and I’ll make sure to post it up.

Hopefully with these features, us ladies can start moving NHL fashion in the right direction.


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