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Friday’s Reading Material

While many of my colleagues are in Columbus, Ohio this weekend for the NHL All-Stars, I’m relaxing back in NYC, because next week between 3 games to cover and a Dainius Zubrus exclusive, and then 9 games in February…it’s going to be a pretty hectic five weeks.

In the meantime, there’s been plenty of interesting stuff out there in the hockey realm to read.  Today’s clips come from Derek Jeter’s “The Players’ Tribune.”  In case you missed these posts from these 3 NHL players (one of which is a former player), here they are:

Tyler Seguin: “Do I think the Bruins gave up on me too early? Yes, I 100 percent believe that.”

Seguin talks about “Moving On” from the Boston Bruins. [LINK]

While it appears there’s some bitterness that Seguin was sent off to Dallas, what he won’t understand until he’s older is why a trade like that for a young, promising player that seems to be falling to the wayside will do for him.  It is designed to humble him.  It’s meant to make him reflect on what happened, and then what he’s going to do about it to change himself so it doesn’t happen again.

In Boston’s case, sure, there’s the business side, but part of the development of a young player is to help make him into a better player (even if that means shipping him off somewhere else, so he can live up to his fullest potential).

There are plenty of stories out there from players that were shipped between the minors to the NHL to the minors again.  If their only dream and goal was to play for the NHL, that shift down to the minors is what changes them.  They change who they are and their game to make sure that what got them into the NHL to begin with is what will keep them there.  The lesson was learned.

For Seguin, moving him out of Boston was ultimately what was best for HIM.  Look at him now.

Logan Couture’s “Elite Centers 101”

For those who really enjoy the nuts and bolts to the game of hockey, check out Logan Couture’s look at the Elite Centers of the NHL (mainly from the Western Conference – he explains why).  [LINK]

What I love about this feature is that he explains (with GIFs) what makes these centers so unique and incredible at their job.  From Sidney Crosby’s lower body strength, to Jonathan Toews’ brain, to Anze Kopitar’s chip…he gives you a good look at why these players are elite.

What’s interesting is that as each player and their unique qualities are displayed, you start to envision other NHL teams that attempt to duplicate these same moves, but fail.  You begin to see it’s not the hockey play, it’s the player.  The player has perfected their own signature.  That’s why they are so good.  That’s what brings their team success.

Couture will definitely give you a closer look at what makes these players phenomenal, frame by frame.

I really can’t wait to read his next feature.

Sean Avery’s New Avery Rule

New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils fans alike know all about the Avery Rule.  In fact, many people frown when it’s mentioned and just shake their heads.  Some people may think it’s brilliant, while others (aka the NHL) do not approve of what he did.

For The Player’s Tribune, Avery decided to talk a little bit about money.  It was a rather good, and very interesting read. {Yes, I know I can’t believe I said that.}  [LINK]

In a way, it was like a follow up to my previous article I wrote a few years ago, “A Player’s Blindside Hit.”

While Avery’s suggestion for the young players is sound and interesting, hockey pundits, former players and trainers don’t necessarily agree with his plan.


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