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Upcoming: Chico Night

Chico Resch night is coming!  The Devils celebrate all the work Chico has done for the organization on Friday, October 24th as the Devils host the Dallas Stars.  Tickets are still available for Chico’s big night.

One thing I will miss this season is the “Chico Eats” video as he tries out new food with the fans.  Since we have a new food company (Legends) and an all new menu at Prudential Center, I decided to take it upon myself and continue his tradition.  This season, I’ll be testing out new foods and sharing what I find with you…maybe getting a few press buddies to try it out with me and post our reactions.

Speaking of Chico, Mr. Resch decided to make a stop in the press box last night.  Everyone was taking photos with him, so I thought I’d jump in and do my first #nhlselfie of the season.

Continuing with the #nhlselfie movement on this site, if you want to share your own #nhlselfie, tweet me @MichelleKenneth and I’ll make sure to share all of the #nhlselfie(s) I get every week.


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This entry was posted on October 22, 2014 by in #nhlselfie, Chico Resch, Dallas Stars, New Jersey Devils.
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