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NHL Shopping: Etsy

Hockey fans have a way of supporting their teams.  Some even decide to craft a few things of their own to show their pride.  Whether you’re looking for an item for your NHL cave or something different to wear to show your pride, Etsy may be one of the best ways to find something “UNIQUE.”


This unique frame can be personalized.  Only downside is that it only comes in Anaheim Ducks. {From SportsNationPrints}

etsy2 etsy3

Aren’t these adorable?  They’re definitely a step up to most NHL onesies you find at the NHL shop.  You can find these at HaileyJDesigns.  {Boy.  Girl.}  These come in La Kings, Washington Capitals, New York Rangers, Detroit Red Wings, Boston Bruins, Pittsburgh Penguins and Anaheim Ducks.  You can try contacting the shop owner to see if she’ll make your team if it’s not listed.


For those who need a gift for an expecting hockey fan, try diaper tricycles.  It comes packed with logo filled baby items.  Only comes in Anaheim Ducks and LA Kings.


I’m just going to throw this one out there…if it said “I” (Henrik’s face) NY, I’d buy it.  HINT, HINT.  {From 500Level}

Why not stop there?  Do an “I” (Marty Brodeur’s face) NJ.  I’ll give you those two recommendations for free.  Someone is bound to make a killing off of those two ideas.


This is very cool.  Nicely done and very creative.  It comes with a steep price tag, but hat aficionados would find a way to own it.  {From FienixFx}  And yes, it comes in a New Jersey Devil.

As you can see, there are a variety of items you can find crafted by small business owners (or just stay at home people).  Many items are very unique and make perfect gifts for NHL fans.  After all, Christmas is right around the corner.


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