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Hockey Fashion for The Ladies: Forever 21

Apparently Forever 21 is selling NHL merchandise for the ladies.

Montreal Canadiens Raglan Tee, $15.90.


LA Kings Muscle Tee, $14.90.


New York Rangers Muscle Tee, $14.90


Pittsburgh Penguins Muscle Tee, $14.90.

There are two great things about this: 1) Forever 21 is selling NHL merchandise, and 2) it’s the cheapest price around for NHL merchandise.  Not even Modell’s can beat that price.

While these are the only NHL shirts available online, if you see other teams in your local Forever 21, tweet me a picture and the location (@MichelleKenneth) and let me know so we can get the word out to the hockey ladies out there.

Unfortunately, curvy ladies, I did not see the shirts listed online in their Plus Size collection.  So if you see them…let me know.

For those interested in hockey fashion for the ladies, you can also follow my Pinterest board Fashion: Hockey.  I try to update it with all things related to women’s fashion as it pertains to hockey, including fashion lines developed by hockey players for women.

{s/t to @scattergoried and @wraparoundcurl for the Fashion PSA}

If you see something, say something.  If you find hockey fashion for the ladies out there (good or bad), tweet me (@MichelleKenneth) and we’ll get the Fashion PSA out!



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