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Hockey Meets NYFW

Source: Meden

Source: Meden

It’s not so often we hear about hockey players getting involved in women’s fashion.  We’ve heard of guys interning for Vogue, hitting the catwalk, or going to NYFW, but never before have we heard of a NHL player co-owning a women’s fashion label which actually hit the runways during New York Fashion Week.  That is, not until now.

Derek Roy (Nashville Predators) hit the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week yesterday with his label’s new SS15 collection.  His label, Meden, is co-owned with Mike Napoli (Boston Red Sox).  Rounding out the Meden team is CEO Michael Dombkiewic (former minor league hockey player), and their creative director Walter Lee.

While these aren’t designs you’ll see being worn by sports fans during a game, it would definitely be something that many women would wear outside of the arena, both sports fans, professionals and fashionistas.

The lines are clean, smooth, tailored and sophisticated.

You can view the Meden SS15 runway collection from NYFW HERE.

Just so you know how involved Roy is with this collection, he was tweeting live prior to, during and after the show.

For women who love sports and fashion, this is a great contribution for these men in sports to offer to the ladies.

This show was Meden’s first RTW collection at New York Fashion week.  [RTW=Ready to wear]

You can read more about the designer, Walter Lee, HERE.  Kudos to Roy and company.  They just took sports and fashion to the next level.  Anyone else in the NHL that ever had anything to do with fashion before, Roy just beat them out one hundred fold.  He gets it.

One of the best responses I saw yesterday comes from former hockey player Kyle Mosher:

Congratulations to the Meden group. Great reviews from the collection are coming from all over. I really can’t wait to get my hands on a few dresses next season!


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