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The Gown

Every year I attend the NHL Awards, I go hunting for a new dress to wear.  I usually order around 8-13 dresses to interview.  Out of the batch, I’ll find 1, 2, maybe 3 dresses that pass.  It’s a great process of elimination.

This year, I’m in a bit of a pickle.  All of the dresses worked, except one.

Every woman that has ever had to choose a gown knows that this is unheard of, so I’m going to solicit your input.

Here are the current choices:

1. The Perfect Fit/Color.

From David's Bridal

From David’s Bridal

This dress I ordered in a Jade (think green) and lavender color. Both looked amazing on. The Jade, though, really draws your attention to the dress because of the color. Of the two, the jade would be most likely the choice.  Click HERE to see the different swatches.  It may look like a plain dress on this model, but as you look at the different colors, you can see the dress takes on a more different type of personality.  [Sorry, I couldn’t capture the image of the jade dress.]

2. Vera Wang.

From David's Bridal

From David’s Bridal

I ordered this dress in a blush color.  Usually blush is unforgiving if you have any sort of bump, indentation, or what have you going on underneath.  This dress…you would never know.  That is a sign of a well designed dress.  You can find the different color swatches HERE.

From David's Bridal

From David’s Bridal

This dress I was in love with at the start.  The one I loved (the orchid/midnight) only came in 2 sizes, and they were not my sizes.  So I settled on the cassia color (like a magenta color) and a similar color scheme as the dress above, but the skirt is black.  Click HERE for the color swatches.

So if you’re following…we’re at 5 dresses so far.  The first one had 2 colors.  The second one was in blush.  The third I ordered in 2 colors.  

3.  The Ball Gown Skirt.

The idea behind going this route was this Aidan Mattox gown:

Aidan Mattox gown

Aidan Mattox gown

I loved the idea of a ball gown skirt with a white tank or white long sleeved t-shirt.  So off I went looking for a ball gown skirt.  I found only one…and I’m absolutely in love with it.

From Ann Taylor

From Ann Taylor

I think it looks very plain in the photo.  When I tried it on, the skirt was much fuller…the way a ball gown skirt should be (like in the Aidan Mattox photo).  I paired it with a tank, looked in the mirror and thought…I LOVE IT!  The skirt is taffeta with a light layering of velvet for the roses on the dress.  It’s very sweet and elegant.  From Ann Taylor.

4.  That Dress in the Back of My Closet.

Gracia[Photo © Gracia NY]

This dress is from Gracia NY.  Gracia just so happens to be my favorite designer these days.  My wardrobe is practically bursting at the seams with Gracia clothing.  I found this dress last fall and fell in love.  Wearing it, the dress made me feel majestic…like a queen…with the way it moves when I walk.

Now, I’ve made some modifications to the dress.  I cut off the sleeves because I had to buy the dress in a smaller size because it was all they had.  That meant the dress was a little tight in the biceps/armpit area.  With the sleeves gone…no problem.  Makes it even more summer-like without the added sleeves…and god knows it’ll be 100+ degrees in Vegas.

We are now at 7 different looks…

This is just for the Awards Day.  Don’t even get me started on what I’m going to wear for Media Day.

So after reviewing the choices, what do you  think I should wear?  Keep in mind EVERY SINGLE DRESS looks perfect on.

Now, for the ladies viewing this post, I just wanted to add something…

If you’re looking for a gown, I highly recommend David’s Bridal.  All five of the gowns I purchased were perfect.  If you note the prices in the links…the Vera Wang was $70 each after coupons.  Dress #1 was around $50 each.

What’s also great about David’s Bridal is that they cater up to a size 26…and that includes a size 26 in Vera Wang.

Their sizing is true to the last detail.  Because I wasn’t sure how the Vera would fit, I ordered one and two sizes up.  Both sizes ended up fitting fine (although the larger size I’ll have to take in).

Another note about the Vera Wang gowns…she knows her gowns and women’s issues. She fixes all of them, including the muffin top.  Actually, all 5 dresses I ordered from David’s Bridal hid every single flaw perfectly…and I didn’t even put the SPANX on underneath it.


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